Seattle Granola Butter Spread

Granola Butter

Granola Butter Spread.

Seattle Granola Company offers a tasty granola butter called Granola Spread.

Seattle Granola Spread  is a delicious, healthy spread made from toasted granola with the perfect combination of spices, mixed with organic oats, coconuts and seeds . This innovative spread is becoming increasingly popular among health-conscious consumers who are looking for a nutritious and satisfying alternative to traditional nut butter spreads.

One of the primary benefits of granola butter is its high nutritional content.  Seattle Granola is made from a blend of organic gluten-free whole grain rolled oats, pure maple syrup, organic sunflower seeds, organic pumpkin seeds, brown sugar, unsweetened coconut, pure olive oil, unrefined cold pressed coconut oil, flax seeds, kosher sea salt, pure vanilla extract and cinnamon which are all rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber. When these ingredients are blended together and turned into a spreadable granola butter, the resulting product is an excellent source of energy and nutrients.

Seattle Granola Spread is also vegan and gluten-free, making it a versatile spread that can be enjoyed by a wide range of dietary needs.

Beyond its health benefits, granola butter is also incredibly versatile and delicious. It can be enjoyed as a spread on toast, crackers, or rice cakes, or used as a dip for fruits and vegetables. It can also be incorporated into recipes as a healthy alternative to traditional nut butters or oils.

Seattle Granola Company offers two Granola Butter in two flavors, Try them out Today!

Granola Spread - Original Flavor

Granola Spread - No Brown Sugar Flavor

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